Election Management Company in India

Election Management Company in India

Electoral management is a unique process of electoral functions and roles which binds the aspirations of citizens to the political leadership in their common objective towards the country’s growth and transformation. The beauty of our democratic process lies in the heart of India’s rich plural society. With diverse states and cultures amalgamated into civilization as rich as India, an election makes a big difference to the aspirations of 1.2 billion people. Big dreams and opportunities that can transform a country’s story through its people, needs a new and effective political discourse today.

Elections can make or break! The story of India needs to be in the hands of an able political leadership that can take the nation ahead by transforming people’s lives. Narratives formed do live to tell the tale of transformation. An idea is not merely a construct, it can define the future of a billion people. Every political leadership depends on the good-will of citizens which is built over time to carry forward a legacy of transformation. This narrative built around an election process is done through election management and campaigning.

            Here are some of the aspects that constitute an election management company-

  • Most democracies have an administrative task in carrying out elections, these functions do vary substantially. From polling to the tabulation of votes, management responsibilities can take on different roles-Financing operations, ballot paper design, drawing electoral boundaries and strategies, media monitoring, civic issues and voter education are some of the many aspects that define election management. Many companies in India carry out this process of a campaign and electoral management tasks.
  • Electoral management institutions are responsible for safeguarding the legitimacy of the client and the democratic process. The expertise of electoral management institutes can be vast and they need to follow the election norms and guidelines that determine the legality of work being carried out. In India during elections, many companies get into action by carrying out tasks on behalf of various clients (political parties).
  • The administration of electoral events can have different aspects- social media monitoring, PR campaign management, Crisis communication, ground and field work, voter and constituency studies, market research and content creation. An election management company specializes in all of these aspects, also having a team of diverse specialists working on the strategy front, for the client.
  • The prime focus of electoral reforms is transparency. Electoral processes carried out by these companies have set standards of functioning. They are bound by the laws of the land and have to work within the framework of the established rules and regulations. In India, there is a professional standard set by most election management companies.
  • Apart from greater professionalism in elections, electoral managers have to keep track of political oversight especially while dealing with finances, the media and the public. Hence, most organizations have to be credible to carry out these objectives for clients. In our country, there are firms which cater to both state and national level clients.
  • Most political parties have a need to reach out to the voters in various constituencies. Sometimes, political leaders cannot directly reach out to citizens for various reasons. Election Management companies help bridge this gap between political leaders and voters in different constituencies.
  • Political campaigning is quite a tedious and complex task as there are many facets to campaign operations. Most election management companies have a team in place which does the spadework on the ground before executing any campaign strategy. A mix of marketing tactics does help achieve various goals for the client as voter behavior is an extremely uncertain terrain. With tools of social media and traditional media, an influencing plan can definitely bring the voter into confidence. Most election management companies of India specialize in this domain.
  •  An effective political discourse depends on the trust between an elected representative and citizens, and for this, there needs to be a connection in the form of a narrative being constantly built as public opinion can be tricky. Election campaigning and influencing skills are in the forte of most election management companies. This can create a positive image in the minds of people who are out there to cast their vote.
  • Election preparation has to be done way before an election happens. The aspect of strategizing and gathering information from various constituencies can be a hard and challenging task. Election management companies specialize in market research and intelligence. These companies have specialists working in every region gathering competitor’s strategy, voter-centric information, media inputs that can help swing votes in favor of the client. After all, a unique strategy can definitely bring changes through results.
  • In India, different political parties leverage from various consultancies. However, needless of the size of an organization, the true strength of any election campaign rests on the factor of efficiency and teamwork which is carried out by an organization. Since India is so diverse, multi-cultural and plural, it becomes difficult to have a uniform and linear way of planning. Clients do have huge expectations and each consultancy is different in their management and campaign approach. Hence, great effort is happening behind the scenes when an election takes place.



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