Political Career in India

Political Career in India

                The nature of politics is an all-encompassing phenomenon through which many political systems have evolved in decades. Our Indian democracy has also evolved with time. Indian democracy is a federal parliamentary democratic republic, and since 1947, there has been a significant change in the political process of our country. Parliamentary institutions have always had organic growth in India. The struggles for freedom from the British rule and the various constitutional reforms over the years have brought a consensus among the public for an effective political discourse in India. India has given the nation strong ideas from great leaders, and also various institutions of prominence setting a benchmark for an effective political discourse in the country. The multiple pulls and pushes from various ethnic communities are subsumed in our diversity as national pride. The great leaders of the freedom movement and our founding fathers had ensured that the Indian constitution remains the supreme law of the land.

             Today, the route to politics has enabled leaders from regional and national parties to contest and represent the larger interests of the public. To build a career in mainstream politics and its allied fields has its own pros and cons. However, it is definitely an appealing career and not for the faint-hearted. It takes guts, hard work, honesty and passion to serve the interests of the people and the nation at large. However, there are many things that have to be kept in mind before entering this profession:

  • The political affairs of the state make news every day. But for one to start a career in politics, there has to be deep introspection from within. People have to reorient themselves towards social issues and various welfare measures taken by different governments. Politics has many dimensions- One has to really decide if they want a career in mainstream politics or an allied field that still has an impact on the political process of the country? The scale of impact that one wants to create also determines the passion for a true political career.
  • To join a political party there are many ways of exploring your calling. Usually, student leaders and the youth in college take an active interest in the political process of the university. Joining a student union or a youth wing by taking part in debates is the first step. Usually, many students get access to political leaders during the time of elections. Getting to know the preferred party or like-minded individuals who can bring transformation is one of the many ways to explore a path. Having an opinion, joining student rallies and campaign marches, taking interest in the affairs of the city is a good step for any student who wants to explore his potential. Apart from a strong educational background, people can explore their true potential by applying their skill set in the local environment before landing their true big break.
  • Many political leaders have had their siblings join political parties which is very common in India. The break is given to the children of these royal political families. However, if one has to start from scratch- By building contacts, working at the grassroots level, forming a team, it is going to be really difficult. But, here too many have succeeded by carving a niche for themselves.
  • One has to remember that the political environment is always dynamic and the prospects of success depend on one’s own capability. The road to fame, success and power comes only to those who have spent years in the political environment of a nation. Although it looks glamorous and lucrative it is always a risky job due to the pressure from various corridors not just within India but from other nations as well. There are many film stars and journalists too who join politics after years of service in their respective industry. It is unchartered territory for anyone to become successful as a mainstream politician especially in a country like India.
  • In India, there are many leaders who have come up the hard way by working in the grassroots especially after spending decades understanding the political system and issues of the people. There is actually no glory in seeking fame but everything comes with a price tag if you’re not from a royal political family. Nevertheless, one needs to be hardworking, selfless, committed to society and must have a strong inclination towards helping the people of a nation. It is only for the determined who stay strong in politics.
  • A student might learn many things through libraries and classes in college. However, the application of knowledge holds true for success in life. The same holds true for a career in politics. The people who aren’t bold enough get into many of the allied fields of politics but the ones who stay on the top are the people who are resilient and hard working. The true grit and determination of character determine the success of any political leader.
  •  In India, there have been many leaders coming from the grassroots who join politics to create a change. Many parties like the Congress, BJP, CPI(M) and even regional parties have initiated leaders into mainstream politics. It is never too late if one has a strong ideology and passion to serve the nation. Politics can definitely go a long way in transforming not just individuals but also the society at large, provided the leader has the capability to go past any odds.



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