The Importance Of The Voting Right And Process In India

The Importance Of The Voting Right And Process In India

               In any democracy, leaders who are elected ought to represent the interests of the public at large. Elections are a way of facilitating this process for any modern democratic system to function. In our country, anybody who is above 18 years of age is entitled to cast their vote provided he or she is a citizen of India. Voting does make a big difference as one can choose among the leaders and various political parties. Collectively, voting enables the success of any electorate. In most democracies, there are checks and balances of power between the various organs of the state. The political foundation of a nation is built through a fair electoral process. Hence, it is very important for every citizen to exercise his or her fundamental right in a democracy. There are many aspects to this-

  • Voting is an important right of every citizen in India. Our legislature and parliament go by the principle of – ‘Of the People, By the People, For the People’. We as citizens of India elect our representatives to govern the country and make laws on behalf of all. The Indian constitution gives us the right to choose our leader as elected representatives. Every vote makes a difference to an electoral process, after all, what citizens need is growth and development in the country.
  • Every vote acts as a catalyst and is also a change agent by facilitating the collective interests of people through the representatives chosen. By not casting one’s vote we deny a chance for an effective political party to come to power. If a bad government comes to power, then the people are also to be equally blamed in this context, for not voting and choosing their leader or party.
  • When people take pride in their nation, they get involved in the political process. This makes one go to the booth and cast his or her vote. Every vote counts today and the responsibility lies on all individuals.
  • India has many conflicts and social issues that plague every state. One should not forget the role of our national leaders in the independence struggle and must cherish the principles of our constitution. In order for issues to be resolved, it is imperative that every citizen takes part in the political process and casts their vote for a strong and stable government. Every vote makes a difference especially the impact of the leadership and party which is chosen.
  • In India, there is a provision introduced for voters to exercise their vote if they are unhappy with all leaders who are standing for elections. If no leader is good, then there is an option called NOTA (None of the above). It simply means that the current set of candidates are no good and hence the voter chooses -NOTA. One has to remember that the NOTA votes do count and if a majority votes fall in this category then; the next majority power is taken into consideration.
  • Voting ensures that every citizen expresses his opinion in a democratic nation. This brings social awareness and enables political cooperation in a democracy. Every adult is given a chance to vote irrespective of the profession, sex and class. It becomes important that every citizen understands his voting rights and gets involved in the process of elections.
  • One has to also remember that voting is a symbol of honor and pride. In India, our founding fathers had ensured that this choice is available to every citizen of India. This constitutes the essence of the Indian republic. After all, it is the citizens who live in India, that decide the fate of the country by choosing the right leader.

The electoral process in India / Things to remember-

         The process of Elections in India is to be done in a smooth and efficient manner. Thus, the Election commission takes care of this aspect by providing directions and rules, more specifically called the code of conduct for any election. Here too, there are many things to be kept in mind-

  • Every voter needs to be registered on the electoral role as an eligible voter. First-time voters can get registered at various locations with the help of a booth officer.
  • A voter ID is issued to the voter, that he or she presents at the polling booth.
  • Every voter should be aware of the leader or representative standing for elections.
  • Every constituency will have polling booths. It is necessary that citizens find out their respective booths in their particular constituencies.
  • Many people who don’t speak the state’s language and who know only English, will have to familiarize themselves with the party’s symbols and candidates. This makes the job easier.
  • Electronic voting machines are used in elections. One can choose the candidate that he or she may desire to vote for! Also, there is the option of NOTA.
  • Usually, an ink mark is placed on the finger to note that you have voted.


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