Why are IPSW campaign management teams and activities so successful?

Why are IPSW campaign management teams and activities so successful?

               Insight Political Strategists and Workforce (IPSW), is a political consulting firm which specializes in various strands of political campaigning and consulting initiatives. IPSW has a specialized team that constantly focuses on innovation in order to reshape the existing campaign objectives, and also delineating new plans for elections. IPSW has a team that comprises of passionate political citizens who constantly strive to break boundaries in client engagement. India has a young population that is very aware of the political environment. The organization has many like-minded people who brainstorm strategies for clients, be it – general elections, assembly elections, by-elections or any other aspect of the political process in India.

              In any election campaign, one requires thorough planning and execution of strategies. Every constituency needs to be studied. Voter based profiling along with caste and demographic credentials have to also be kept in mind. There are many consultancies which do offer support to political parties at the time of elections, but what makes IPSW so unique is the ability to plan and execute strategies professionally. With so many political parties there today, it becomes very difficult to offer a homogeneous package of delivery. The IPSW team has specialists working in every domain attributing teamwork and efficiency as the hallmark of its brand. With strong support and leadership from the core team, IPSW sets the tone for an electoral process which makes our political consulting services a cut above the rest!

            Any campaign that has to be effective, requires a thorough understanding of the political narrative - The media narrative, pulse of the voter, strategies of rival parties, influencing factors, swing-vote factors, the market position, SWOT analysis at every stage. These are some of the many aspects that determine an effective outcome for a client. IPSW takes pride in successfully hosting campaigns focusing on the intricacies and nuances of campaign management. We have team members from across India in every state who constantly monitor the political situation in every region. There are reputation management professionals, senior journalists, blog writers, PR campaign managers and political scientists who provide their expertise in IPSW.

           The organization also has a speciality of undertaking constituency-specific strategies be it state or general elections. This is the key to any effective plan which decides the influencing strategy. IPSW has clients ranging from major political parties, individuals and also independents who have their trust in our organization. The team has constant updates from political parties who are keen to know the outcome of their chance. IPSW supports its clients by anchoring new technologies to forecast voter-behaviour and campaign effectiveness. With sound empirical surveys being led by the market research team, IPSW leverages on precise analysis and key facts which binds the client’s objectives to the reality on the ground. This is unique to IPSW and its style of functioning.

           Our cutting-edge research and editorials give an incisive analysis of ground reportage with an in-depth outlook. Senior editors give their views with in-depth analysis of elections and political trends in India. The southern belt and the region of the north have a different political environment. The state elections are also different from general elections. Keeping this aspect in mind IPSW has an edge over political analysis and election trends. IPSW also has a digital marketing and content team which specializes in social media marketing and content production. If a political party has a crisis, we also handle crisis management and swing things in favour of the client. Sometimes during an election, a candidate may have experience or may have no experience at all. IPSW synchronizes effective political brand positioning strategies for greater reach to the voters.

             Apart from campaigning what makes IPSW so successful is the ability to build movements through engagement by connecting party workers, grassroots supporters, donors and local level partners. This is a very important facet of any political campaign strategy which cannot be ignored. The digital connect to the ground helps in grassroots activism, effective donor engagement, coalition support, and IPSW’s guardian angel package which helps the voters swing in favour of the candidate. IPSW also facilitates inbound and outbound election marketing techniques. This helps favour the vote bank for the client away from other competitors. With wide reach to mass voters in every constituency, IPSW has unique political campaign models and marketing strategies. We do this by using various marketing tools, also crafting unique messages that are personal to every voter. Tools like e-brochures, videos, banners, blogs, speeches, e-pamphlets and e-manifestos are some of the unique channels that are used to target mass voters.

           IPSW also uses outbound marketing techniques through the gamut of tools in its marketing mix. Through influencer-specific marketing strategies, radio speeches, radio events and print media, the outbound strategy is effectively enabled. IPSW also uses traditional tools for outbound marketing- By installing speakers, flags and banners that could reach out to different voters, and something unique to this organization is the 3D format of campaigning which gives a personalized touch to the voters. IPSW is a contemporary political consulting firm which helps turn business objectives of clients to niche services for campaigning and elections.


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